A look at Entrepreneur Richa Dave’s Advertising Methods


If there is a will, there is a way.

The proliferation of social media has opened the doors to many enthusiastic people who come to showcase their talent to the world. Social media has been the medium to reach more people for a decade. Many smart companies have used this route to grow their business. Using social media marketing is the most preferred strategy to connect with audiences in order to build your brand, increase sales, and increase website traffic. This process brought dignified results to many people who sustain the fire within themselves.

Richa Dave, a stunning makeup artist and entrepreneur from Gujarat, tried her luck in social media marketing. The renowned artist dreamed of expanding Jasmine Beauty Care, a beauty studio founded by her mother Urvashi Dave, whom Richa considers her idol.

Social media marketing was the weapon that gave Richa the popularity and platform she wanted to showcase her talent. The glamorous young lady has created a strong customer base with the help of social media. Using the power of her strong fandom on Instagram, she managed to create a strong customer base for her products.

With the development of the internet, Richa decided to spread her talent among the emerging youth. To this end, she conducted several online workshops and sessions for them. Her talent and generosity make her every customer’s darling. The talented artist has always been dedicated to her work and is known for setting new trends. There’s none other than Richa on clients’ minds when it comes to bridal and modern makeup. The diva plans to bring more products onto the market in the future.