Content material advertising and marketing company Immedia launches martech platform Contrend


Singapore and Australia based content marketing agency Immedia has launched Contrend, a martech platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The announcement:

After a year of double-digit growth (16%) in content marketing1, which was influenced by the digitization of all industries by the pandemic, the Singapore and Australia-based content marketing agency Immedia launched the Martech platform Contrend.

The artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) -based platform offers real insights into how content marketing campaigns are being received by audiences.

“We can’t tackle a content strategy without the right technology lens because life is complicated, so of course our data footprint will be complicated too. Contrend is the first platform to address this problem by querying content data in an unprecedented way to go beyond a simplified snapshot of a person’s social shadow. The truth is that people are more than their touchpoints on social media and the way brands interact with them needs to evolve to recognize this tectonic shift in the relationship, ”said Peter Bakker, CEO & Partner of Immedia.

The standout feature of the Martech platform is its proprietary AI and ML driven platform that creates complete content datasets from public and readily available data to identify real audience engagement, competitive insights and trends.

This means that content marketers can develop a target group-oriented strategy and make data-driven decisions based on real target group affinity and not short-term social media spikes.

The traditional approach to content strategy relies on social media and SEO data to understand the interests of the audience. Such traditional strategies miss out on insights into how video, audio, layout, or the use of images affect content strategy because they are derived from reactive data suggesting an engagement footprint targeted at a noisy 9 percent2 of the audience. In this model, competitive comparisons with direct and known competitors are distorted, which leads to little differentiation from an already competing content set.

Companies like Hilton Hotels, Standard Chartered Bank, KPMG, UOB and Trax Retail have used the unique AI and ML powered platform to understand the impact of their content on audiences and make changes to target more customers with greater effectiveness.

“Contrend enables companies to deliver the content their customers want, as well as build credibility and a reputation for thought leadership. This is the first platform that gives brands the confidence to make really informed AI and ML-powered decisions around their content strategy. We are excited to support the team’s growth and look forward to them addressing vulnerabilities and developing the new industry standard for content, ”said Guna Kaliannan, CEO of The O4 Company, a Contrend investor.

The announcement follows Immedia’s $ 1 million Series A fundraiser to support Contrend’s launch and Immedia’s global expansion in 2021. To support the global interest of Contrend’s multinational customers, Immedia has offices in Europe and the USA opened.

“Across the Asia-Pacific region – arguably one of the most fragmented and demanding content markets – we are already seeing impressive performance results for the companies that have deployed our solution, which is encouraging for our global expansion,” said Peter Bakker, CEO & Partner of Sofort.

Source: Media release from Explore Communications