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Developing content for brands and companies to meet multiple marketing goals is a task many companies have taken on at a time when the digital realm is more relevant. Hence, strategies that are critical to making those goals easier to achieve are goals that are set. If we think about it, this is the occasion we will see some of the most interesting content marketing promotions this year.

According to experts, these are some of the content marketing strategies that will be most relevant for businesses in 2021:

Audio content

For brands and companies that want to grow their audiences but haven’t made a specific choice about video, developing audio content such as podcasts or audio eBooks can be a good strategy.

Business2Community is currently highlighting that this format is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. 38 percent of marketers are already investing more in creating content in this format, while in the North American market alone more than 73 million people only listen to a few monthly.

In terms of audiobooks, these are more of an investment as they have become more accessible on popular platforms like Hoopla.

Reuse across different channels

Wordstream points out that one of the content strategies seen most often this year is the reuse of materials across the gangs’ various channels. The popularity of the promotion stems from the fact that the focus is on creating more engaging content with fewer resources.

When the time and effort has gone into creating high quality, beautiful parts, you want them to be shared with as many people as possible. Therefore, reusing the materials is the best way to achieve this.

Remarketing based on personalized content

One of the most interesting strategies comes from Constant Contact. The company points out that with increased competition and the more complicated buying cycle, it won’t be easy to generate sales from content as the majority of the audience come to the site, find their answers in the content, and complete their housework.

This is where remarketing with customer-specific materials comes into play.

This concept is about motivating people to return to the website to pursue the tasks they originally developed before leaving the website.

Visual content

Finally, the development of visual content is considered key for this year, and for the future in general, as it provides benefits in terms of engagement and retention of messages sent to the public. Visual content can be managed independently or in other formats. One way to integrate them with other areas is to create a personalized image for each publication on the brand or company blog.

To differentiate it from Business2Community: 56 percent of marketers design more image-based content.