Content material is King webinar recap


Last week we hosted the first of our 8 weekly content marketing webinars for Today’s Media.

It was so exciting to see such a good result and get a lot of great feedback on the content. In our post this week, we just wanted to cover what happened in our webinar, when you missed it and when you attended a little recap!

The benefits of content marketing and how to use it in practice

Content can be anything from a picture to an article, podcast, or even a webinar. It has so many forms and its main purpose is to inform or simply entertain the consumer so that they can take the step to purchase your product or use your service. It’s about creating valuable and relevant content to retain or attract your target audience. Easy!

Over the years, the marketing mix has changed a lot, and the internet has really catapulted content to the fore. Nowadays we want to look for the news that is current and tailored to our needs. We certainly don’t want to be interrupted with poorly timed news bombarding our busy days. Content marketing enables and gives the consumer the ability to search for the information that is relevant to them at that point in time.

Why is it so good?

Number one, it’s inexpensive and great for your bottom line that every business wants to hear. You can shout about your expertise and show your authority and credibility in your area. It can help you improve Google ranks, build customer loyalty, and most importantly, generate quality leads.

Take a closer look at these points; Authority and credibility is really important here, especially when we get into the legal area. As a consumer, I need to trust that the company I choose for my submission matters, estate needs, or stock release, for example, knows its market. Content is a powerful way of communicating this. A series of articles on the inheritance process or how to buy your first home for example would really demonstrate knowledge in these areas and give the consumer the confidence and conviction to inquire if this is all important Lead generation.

Content can also play an important role in customer loyalty and cementing Customer loyalty by strengthening the existing bond. In addition, it can further strengthen your authority and generate repeat sales. The law can sometimes fall into the “one-time purchase” category. Your clients may not know that in addition to the transfer, you can also write their will or advise on a divorce. Content can incorporate your existing base and promote your entire offering, creating further relationships with these existing customers.

We also discussed how content can be used in practice and provided real-world examples from the travel and estate world. To recap or watch the webinar in full, click here to watch the recording. Lindsay Webinar – YouTube

Finished content

It is important that the content you produce is frequent, relevant, timely, accurate, and SEO considered – all of which cost valuable time. One of the biggest challenges we hear from our clients is that they are just too busy to write the content and that we can’t forget about proofreading and keep it up to date. They would rather spend this time doing their real work and spending that valuable time with their client.

Editor Assist

As editors of Today’s Conveyancer, Today’s Wills and Probate, and Today’s Family Lawyer, who deliver daily news, industry insights, and best practices, we’re well placed to understand how to communicate with and on behalf of the legal sector.

Editor Assist offers a range of content options, from pre-authored articles to bespoke blogs, articles and whitepapers in longer form, so you can stand out from the crowd and position yourself as the voice of authority in your area.

The packages are tailored, timely, and up-to-date, and they’ll be delivered to your inbox earlier this month to target your audience across different channels. In addition, our subscription options are flexible and we can help you plan planned marketing activities for the whole year, starting at just £ 99 per month. We can also provide bespoke B2B articles on relevant topics or topics that you would like to introduce to your target audience.

To learn more about Editor Assist and how your legal business can grow, reach out to Lindsay Gibson at Today’s Media.

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