Hivestack and Bombora Carry B2B Intent Measurement to Programmatic DOOH Advertising and marketing Worldwide


Companies are integrating product streams to provide B2B marketers the ability to attribute Bombora Company Surge® to DOOH programmatic exposure

NEW YORK AND MONTREAL, UNITED STATES AND CANADA, March 25, 2021 / – Hivestack, the global adtech leader in programmatic digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH), has partnered with Bombora, the US leader in data room with B2B – Intended to innovate in measurement for programmatic DOOH. The collaboration enables marketers using the Hivestack DSP to understand whether offline audiences exposed to programmatic DOOH have exhibited online behavior changes in the physical world on B2B issues from Bombora’s broad taxonomy.

Intention data is data that is collected about the observed behavior of a potential business user – particularly the consumption of website content – and provides insights into their interest in certain products or services and indicates the potential intention to take “action”. This content consumption indicates a pre-purchase research.

With Bombora’s Company Surge® analytics product, companies can use B2B intent data to identify customers who are in active research mode for their products or services, increase efficiency and create precise targeting leads. This data is collected by a fully consent-based data cooperative made up of thousands of B2B websites. The insights into which product and service companies are researching informs the marketers and targeting the marketers, resulting in increased relevance for the potential customers and more effective advertising returns for the brand.

The partnership between the two companies enables a new category of intent-based measurement of programmatic DOOH for B2B brands. Here’s how it works: Hivestack’s DSP programmatically activates real-time DOOH screens that are over-indexed for custom audience segments. To measure whether programmatic DOOH exposure resulted in an increase in Bombora’s Company Surge®, the Hivestack platform creates a controlled and exposed group of audiences. Hivestack then uses cross-device graphics partners to map control and exposed group of offline mobile identifiers to online identifiers. The online IDs are then transferred to Bombora together with the measured B2B topics. The Bombora Company Surge® scores are reported and displayed in the measurement area of ​​the Hivestack DSP, broken down by business area and topic. An increase in intention with respect to subjects is noted when the exposed group had a higher Bombora Company Surge® score compared to the score of the control group.

A Fortune 500 technology company is an example of a leading global brand that has achieved significant results through the Bombora-Hivestack partnership. For the tech giant’s campaign, geofences were used to identify key B2B decision-makers located in corporate offices, key branch offices, branch offices and industry-related conferences across Japan. This information was used to create and target custom audience segments using the Hivevstack DSP. Exposed and control groups were created and assigned via cross-device graphics partners, and the assigned online identifiers were passed on to Bombora, who evaluated Bombora’s Company Surge® for Japanese companies and B2B issues. The campaign scored a strong mark for every B2B decision maker segment, including general business (11.2%), healthcare (11.1%), retail (6.9%) and manufacturing (6.8%) Rise in intentions.

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO and founder of Hivestack, explains the partnership: “Previously, the measurement for programmatic DOOH has focused on the top funnel (awareness) or the bottom funnel (conversion) by analyzing visits to the store. Most B2B brands don’t have brick and mortar stores to measure pedestrian traffic. Therefore, mapping in the middle of the funnel (understanding reasoning and intentions) is historically challenging. With our Bombora product integration, B2B advertisers can purchase programmatic DOOH through the Hivestack DSP to understand exactly whether their investment in programmatic DOOH triggered the intent of key decision makers. “

“Digital has given a new life to an already effective medium, outdoor advertising.” said Marc Johnson, GM and CMO Bombora. “The Hivestack DSP brings the target and measurement functions of Programmatic into the DOOH area and ensures that messaging reaches and addresses the right target groups. By bringing these capabilities together with Bombora Company Surge®, we enable B2B advertisers to measure and evaluate intent attributed to DOOH programmatic exposure – a real first in the industry. ”

Hivestack and Bombora will be showcasing this new feature at the ANA B2B Marketing Conference 2021 on Thursday, March 25th.


About hivestack
Hivestack is the global full-stack marketing technology company supporting the buy and sell side of programmatic digital outdoor advertising (DOOH). On the buy side, marketers use Hivestack’s demand-side platform to create measurable campaigns that activate DOOH screens in real time based on consumer behavior and audience movement patterns. On the sales side, DOOH media owners use Hivestack’s supply-side platform and ad exchange to generate programmatic revenue. DOOH media owners can also use Hivestack’s ad server to run target group-based, direct-to-sell campaigns. Attribution is a top notch citizen across the Hivestack platform, giving buyers and sellers the ability to measure business results at every stage of the consumer sales funnel.

Hivestack is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and has global operations in Toronto, Tokyo, London, New York, Mexico City, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Guadalajara.

About Bombora
Bombora tells companies which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant, consistent, and improve performance across all activities.

This focused approach is revolutionizing the way companies market and sell to other companies through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration, and innovation.

With direct integration with dozens of leading data and media buying platforms, Bombora is building a world where business buyers value sales and marketing for their relevance, timeliness and accuracy.

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