How Native website positioning Helps British Companies


The advent of people using their smartphones to look up information has made local search engine optimization (SEO) a growing force.

More than half of smartphone users now look for information about local businesses before visiting, and the likelihood of a sale is also increasing. This is excellent news for UK businesses.

To learn more, here’s how local SEO can help UK business.

Higher ranking for local-based searches

Local businesses, unfamiliar with how local SEO works, often miss out on something. While their brand and related searches for their business lags behind on page 5, their competitors do better.

Working with an SEO agency is a useful way to immerse yourself in SEO waters when you are unfamiliar. A team that specializes in improving local outcomes is a great way to do this. You will be familiar with the steps necessary to put the organization on the map.

There are companies out there ready to help if you need to outsource your work. What is important to you is that there are many options to choose from. DigiVisi is a SEO agency providing full service to SMBs in the UK. They can produce excellent locally-oriented results and have the testimonials to prove it.

Brand Reputation Management

Protecting the brand is necessary to avoid major problems for companies. If companies fail to monitor and respond to public complaints on social media, Google reviews, and elsewhere, they are putting their brand reputation at serious risk.

It is important to monitor what is being said about the company and to look for Google reviews and other reviews recently posted about the company. Setting up accounts to quickly respond to comments or raise objections when they are factually incorrect avoids reputational problems.

This way, SMBs are proactive about their brand to avoid being attacked unfairly.

Link building

Link building with local SEO is more about getting local quotes and other indicators of the company’s location than traditional link building.

However, it can be effective to strategically add link building to the mix, especially if it is localized. Going harder to rank voice queries near me and others that naturally target local search information can improve search results for a business.

It is imperative that any link building – links from other websites to your website – be done carefully to avoid being penalized by Google. Hence, less is often more, and a balanced hand is required to navigate these waters.

Onpage optimization

To get good results for businesses, it is also beneficial to optimize the content of the home page and other pages of the website. It depends on how well the site was originally developed and whether or not it has been updated.

A skilled local SEO professional can run an audit to check where the site standards are now, isolate and put on better footing key errors that need to be corrected. Only after an audit has been conducted on an existing site can problem areas be fixed that may have continued to prevent the company from being seen by search engines.

UK businesses need to think about how local SEO can increase their sales. Plus, it’s just as relevant as a physical store as it is when it’s a purely online business focused on local customers.