How Owned Media Will Change Magnificence Model Advertising and marketing


Nowadays, beauty branding is more than a table speaker and shelf space. Appendix to the cell phone
Devices and more home time have skyrocketed online consumption, which means brands need to
Market wherever consumers scroll.

With more marketing opportunities comes more competition. Brands don’t just fight with others
Brands and products, but now they have to compete with other influencers and other forms of
Content for consumer attention. This shift in marketing to content creation has seen a trend for
Beauty brands to run these campaigns in-house, invest in big data and take advantage of new technology
and video production to create effective content that influences consumer buying behavior.

Neutrogena recently set up its own content studio to leverage the skin care expertise of
their own employees through effective storytelling. Knowing the needs of their customer base
enables the skin care company to position its products based on skin care needs.
geographical locations and consumer shopping habits to raise awareness of certain

Stephanie Otey speaks on MarketScale TV today about the modern era of e-commerce content
Marketing with Rachel Tipograph, the founder and CEO of MikMak, the leading platform for
Ecommerce acceleration for multi-channel brands.

“The name of today’s brand equity is first-party data,” says Tipograph
Much of the ecosystem, as human as possible, gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. “
The MikMak client Neutrogena uses the analysis and e-commerce activation of the platform
Software to understand their consumers’ online behavior and determine best usage
Increase marketing budget and online sales.

The more beauty brands jump into the entertaining content area, the more informative Tipograph becomes
Question brands should think about to stand out from the saturated market:
“You have to ask yourself, ‘What are you allowed to do that nobody else in the
World has permission to do? ‘”

Know what you stand for when it comes to it

Use storytelling to take viewers on the skin care journey to raise people’s awareness
The importance of skin protection in helping consumers make better informed purchasing decisions

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