How To E-A-T Your Method to the Content material Google Likes


Follow These EAT Guidelines To Improve Your Website’s SEO

You know what they’re saying – you are what you eat.

Of course, when people say this they are usually discussing your diet and how your food choices affect your health.

But what about the health of your website?

It turns out that what your website “eats” also plays a big role!

I’m talking about EAT, of course, which is part of Google’s new search policy. If you want to create content that Google likes, you MUST EAT!

EAT stands for three important criteria that Google uses when evaluating your website:

  • expertise
  • authority
  • trustworthiness

Going forward, businesses looking to attract more web traffic will need to consider Google’s EAT guidelines.

Not sure how to do this? Do not worry. As with all topics related to search engine optimization (SEO), we are behind you.

Read on to understand these guidelines and how EAT can greatly improve your website.

Understand Google EAT

EAT is one of the metrics that Google can use to evaluate the quality of a website. Let’s break down explicitly what they’re looking for in each category.

1. Competence

You wouldn’t ask your dentist to change your oil. We all know that specialist knowledge counts, also on the Internet.

Therefore, Google also likes to determine the expertise of the creator of a website to see whether he is suitable for the questions that are being searched for.

This means that Google likes to see evidence that you are indeed an expert in your field (and don’t worry – we’ll cover ways below).

Use Google’s new search guidelines to position yourself as an expert in your field.

2. Authority

Authority goes one step further.

Imagine you’ve been secretly making cupcakes for 20 years and perfecting your recipe. You would certainly have had some knowledge of making cupcakes (luckily!).

But if no one has ever tried your cupcakes, then you would not be an authority in the cupcake world. Nobody would look for your advice or recipes.

The same goes for websites. It’s great to have a lot of high quality content on your website. However, Google is looking for ways to determine if other people actually appreciate this content.

Ultimately, Google wants to present websites with recognized authority in their field.

3. Trustworthiness

And as you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s important that Google trust you and your website to be trustworthy. This means that they reward content that they believe is honest, accurate, and true.

Again, we’re going to cover how to boost your EAT below.

But first, note that EAT is especially important for websites that deal with topics like your health, finances, and safety. Nicknamed YMML (‘Your Money and Your Life’), these are areas where getting the right results really matters, sometimes life or death at the top.

Therefore, Google is much more critical of YMML sites than others.

That is why we pay attention when working with customers like the naturopathic practitioner Dr. Jennifer Bunzenmeyer makes sure that we follow every best practice to an absolute “T”.


By applying the right SEO strategies and following the EAT principles, eVision Media Dr. Jennifer, improved her first page ranking of 2 focus keywords to 37 in just two months.

Why is EAT important to SEO?

To understand how Google SEO works, you need to understand Google’s goals first.

Remember (and believe it or not), Google has competition. There are other search engines.

So, Google’s goal is to be the best search engine available so that they continue to dominate internet searches (they currently account for 92.18% of all internet searches so they are clearly doing something right!).

To achieve this goal, Google needs to consistently show the best results for every keyword someone is searching for. They want to make sure they deliver search results that answer their users’ questions with quality content.

Because if they stop getting good results, people will stop using them.

And it is this “high quality content” that EAT comes into play.

Fortunately for business owners, EAT meshes with the already important elements of your brand.

To be successful in any business venture, you must position yourself as a trusted, authoritative expert. So the more you can create great content that both your audience and Google will love, the better your website will be.

This is how you improve your website’s credibility and authority

So how do you create content that Google likes? Think about your website’s EAT and let it guide you in your content, marketing and branding decisions.

truwood testimonials

To improve the authority of our customer TruWood, we have included a lot of testimonials and customer feedback on their website.

Consider the following tips to improve your EAT score:

  • Do good keyword research to make sure you’re serving exactly the type of content your target audience is looking for
  • Become a quality author by engaging in social media, interacting with other influencers, and guest writing on other websites
  • Make sure your website has reviews and testimonials
  • Make sure your business information is clear, easy to find, and includes your company history along with team bios and a great contact us page.
  • Include links to other authorities on your website (as we linked to this authorities page earlier in this post) and internal links that will help Google understand the structure of your website.
  • Make sure your website has no grammar, broken links, or factual errors.

After all, you want to make it clear who you are and what defines your company – and why you are the real focus in your field.

And (how often do we have to say it?) Content is still king and always will be!

One of the best ways to make sure that you are following all of these steps is to make sure that you are posting high quality content on your blog on a regular basis.

Ultimately, building a good SEO website requires research and work. Keeping up with Google best practices is a full-time job.

Because of this, by hiring a specialist, you will get the best ROI on this important business investment.

Don’t expect overnight success, but by working with a digital marketing agency like us, you can ensure you’re consistently posting content that Google prefers.

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