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Marketing expert Abdul Hannan and his team launched LinkBooster software, which makes it easy for any business to improve websites, attract more online customers and increase sales

Sydney, Australia – LinkBooster is proud to introduce its digital marketing software for small to large businesses to increase their online presence, drive traffic, and improve revenue and sales. The software is also useful for webmasters, SEO agencies, and other digital service professionals to automate tasks, save money, and be successful in online business.

The software automates four digital marketing processes, including link building, indexing, reporting and ranking, all in one place. Its overall purpose is to promote search engine optimization for websites and get them to the top of the SERPs for certain keywords. Better page ranking also promotes page and domain authority, which further leads to more traffic.

LinkBooster is safe, secure and easy to use with a simple interface that doesn’t require any special skills. It’s the right marketing tool to capitalize on online business growth with global reach.

“Marketing has changed and we are now living in a digital age where customers are sitting in front of their screens more than ever,” said Abdul Hannan, founder of LinkBooster. “We developed LinkBooster to help companies reach more customers and increase their sales. It comes with artificial intelligence that enables the automation of marketing tasks that would normally take weeks to manually process. “

The global pandemic has resulted in growth in online business and e-commerce like never before seen. People began to see the tremendous benefits of getting their business and services online to reach more potential consumers. But starting a website for a business is only one step in the process; There is a need to improve these websites so that people who need the goods and services can find them through organic search.

Abdul Hannan created LinkBooster to help people take their business to the next level. It’s a powerful tool that simplifies digital marketing processes to generate massive traffic. To start a project, users just have to take a simple step by adding campaign title, url, keywords, category and boost. LinkBooster then creates a report that includes hundreds of backlinks, search engine submissions, link indexing, and ping submissions across multiple third-party servers. All of this is done in less than 60 seconds for the convenience of the user. Anyone can use this simple process to improve any website or webpage for any business, service, commodity, or product.

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LinkBooster is software designed to help small to large businesses run digital marketing campaigns to increase sales and traffic. The software uses artificial intelligence to automate multiple business processes and make it easy for companies to improve search engine rankings.

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