Make a much bigger influence together with your bite-sized content material


One of the biggest challenges for marketers or brands when creating content is determining the type and amount of content needed to engage and engage audiences.

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Atomizing content – by breaking down long content or overarching topics into focused, more strategic parts – enables brands and content creators to unleash brand messages and make a bigger impact more often.

People want great content experiences from the brands they love, on the platforms they’re most active on. Every time a story is created, we think about how it can be unbundled, segmented, or reshuffled to get the most out of a broad topic or idea.

Another challenge for brands is to present the right content to the right people. Gigabytes of content are being posted on the internet every minute, and thousands of brands are using similar tactics to compete for the same digital real estate. Standalone pieces of content fall from news feeds and disappear from stories and streaming sites faster than it took to compose them.

Atomizing your content allows you to make your approach to content marketing smarter so that you deliver content that meets the wants, needs and wants of the audience.

You shouldn’t limit your content to a single website, social network, or post. Publishing atomic content and sharing it across multiple channels and formats will unleash your brand for greater impact more often.

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The idea is to serialize content – pack it up into smaller content sizes and often release it to audiences over a longer period of time. This gives it the mileage and longevity necessary to keep users interested and engaging.

However, not all content fits every platform. Certain ideas and topics are better suited to certain platforms.

For example, if you’re launching a new product, a blog article and Facebook timeline post might not do it justice. Use the functions of Instagram Stories to share sneak peeks and exciting features, publish a launch video on YouTube and publish a press release so that it is picked up by media houses and influencers. Basically, make sure to get it started and let it go viral!

When done right, atomized content can provide the following benefits:

  • Boost your brand voice with consistent messaging across formats, platforms and channels
  • Maximize your return on investment in terms of the resources used to create authentic content
  • Boost your Google ranking by targeting search engines with unique, high quality content
  • Increase online engagement by providing relevant and engaging content to target audiences (instead of expecting them to look at or read long pieces).
  • Increase the conversion opportunities by targeting your network with multiple pieces of content far and wide
  • Create great user experiences and customer paths that customers can follow on the platforms they are most active on

The next time you want to share an update on your social networks, start a brand awareness campaign, or grow new business leads, atomize your content, make a bigger bang, and keep users coming back by feeding them bites of content.