Prime three ideas to enhance video advert technique – Content material Advertising and marketing


First, personalize in scale

“Customer loyalty is in great demand with advertisers. As CTV continues to grow, large-scale personalization, be it geo-targeting or other demographics, is becoming increasingly important in breaking the noise,” said Tal Chalozin, CTO & Co-Founder , Innovid.

Second, make action-based measurement a priority

“Use streaming like digital. With interactive units in CTV ads, companies can increase website traffic, provide coupons, help with adding to shopping carts and with downloading apps. This means that the measurement of KPIs such as reach, completion rate and measuring these metrics can help marketers get a clear picture of what is working and what is not, rather than just looking at the potential, “Chalozin said.

Third, invest based on usage

“Connected TV purchases increased during the holiday season, showing that the move to CTV is permanent. Advertisers need to adapt and invest in this trend,” said Chalozin. “As an example, Innovid recently partnered with LOVESAC to drive online conversions from CTV to its website for the Sactionals line. Using an interactive branded canvas with a QR code, viewers could scan the code on their phone and view the Visit website. This experience is a perfect example of how digital tactics can be successful on the big screen. “

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