Social Media Advertising and marketing To Have Robust Impression On Occasion Companies


BizVibe has identified an increasing focus on social media marketing as a major trend for the event hosting industry. Event organizers are turning to social media to generate excitement for events. Facebook events, Twitter, hashtags, email, and other digital tools are used to publicize events and generate ticket sales. This trend is likely to have a strong impact on event organizers, especially in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Important insights for event organizers

In addition to the impact of emerging trends on businesses, BizVibe Company Profiles contain numerous high-quality insights to help users discover, track, compare, and evaluate suppliers or opportunities:

  • Industry challenges with their relevance and influence, segmented by geography
  • Risk of Doing Business Score is broken down into operational, financial, compliance and country risk
  • Top corporate competitors on a global, regional and national level
  • Names of top decision-makers in companies, their job titles and social profiles
  • Corporate finances such as annual sales, profitability metrics, and management effectiveness
  • Current press releases and company information

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Event Promoter Service Categories

BizVibe’s platform contains over 10 million company profiles spanning over 200 countries and categorized into over 40,000 products and services. The industry group of event organizers offers more than 3,000 company profiles, which are divided into several product and service categories. Each category provides detailed insights designed to help sourcing and sales teams find trusted suppliers and target sales prospects.

The service categories for event organizers include:

  • Event production services
  • Business entertainment services
  • Party entertainment services
  • Planning services for sporting events

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BizVibe for buyers and sellers

BizVibe is the modern B2B platform dedicated to connecting global buyers and sellers. Driven by the latest best-in-class solutions, BizVibe offers outstanding product features for both category managers and sales professionals.

For buyers, BizVibe helps companies quickly find and shortlist suppliers, compare companies, create custom notifications for supplier messages, and send RFI / RFPs from pre-built templates. For sales teams, Bizvibe enables users to efficiently create prospect lists, track and rate companies, and integrate their CRM.

This all-in-one platform is designed to provide users with all the tools necessary to complete the entire buy / sell cycle in a single workplace.

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