SPP 2021: Asia’s Premier B2B Animation Occasion Now Underway


For over 20 years SPP – or the Seoul Promotion Plan hosted by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) – is a must-see event for content creators looking to sell their intellectual property and buyers interested in buying content or collaborative business ventures promote. Launched in 2001 as a competition for new works, SPP has developed into a diverse market that includes not only a competitive event where animation producers present their works, but also investment support opportunities, a market trend conference, individual buyers and sellers meetings, and social events.

Recently, SPP set up a Webtoon category to attract more buyers from China, the main overseas market for domestic webtoons. a company-run content IR program; and Global Ignite, a forum in which high-ranking content companies present their offers and promote business development opportunities with buyers and production companies in attendance.

In 2019, SPP established the Asia Animation Alliance, an advisory body to promote Asian animation companies and build business-to-business collaboration for mutual benefit. This year’s market includes presentations of new animations from Korea, China, Japan, India and the ASEAN countries, as well as briefing sessions that will be attended by representatives from Korea, China, Japan, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines over talk about the current state and future prospects of their respective animation industry.

This year’s SPP is now online, starting July 12th and running through July 30th. While attendees will no doubt miss the opportunity to meet and greet colleagues in person, the benefit of virtuality is that attendees can face-to-face video conferencing business metrics from more than 30 countries without having to travel to Seoul. In addition, this year’s market will introduce “SPP connect”, a new business matching platform with improved user functions, including recommended AI-based and video conferencing solutions, as well as advanced planning and online screening options.

“The newly established SPP Connect will become an online platform that can play a key role in exporting domestic content during the ongoing COVID-9 pandemic,” said Park Bo-kyung, director of the SBA Seoul Animation Center. “In the SPP 2021, we plan to help domestic companies achieve significant business results by providing leading overseas buyers various opportunities to showcase their projects.”

Business matching (biz matching)

Central to the continued success of SPP are the one-on-one business matching meetings that bring developers and buyers together to facilitate business collaboration and investment. Of 50 matches in three countries in 2004, the SPP recorded 4,092 business matching cases in 619 companies from 34 countries last year. Program and development managers from the world’s largest children’s networks, as well as representatives from numerous major distribution companies, will again be available to meet with creators and IP vendors to negotiate deals and make dreams come true.

Among the 350+ buyers and 350 sellers participating in this year’s SPP are:


Design Egg (“Pat a Pat Como”), Toytron Ltd. (“Baby Seal Harp”), Happyup Co. Ltd. (“Comi and Bebe”), Soul Creative Co. Ltd. (“Why did you come to the Goblin” Hill?), Anyzac Co. Ltd. (“IN: APP”), RetroBot (“PotenDogs”)


M-Konnect (Catty Cat), Sweetmonster, Dianos Entertainment (Masso), J Bugs Co. Ltd. (Raon), Paper Mamari (Happy Almond Puppy)


Daewon CI, Kenaz, D&C Webtoon Biz, C&C Revolution Inc., Mstoryhub Co. GmbH.


Vertigo Games Inc. (“BlackShot M”), Studio Lumiere (“Devil’s Proposal”), Cellbig Co. Ltd. (“Fanta Play”), Libra Systems Co. Ltd. (“CATRIX: Clash of Cats”), Nurhyme Games Inc. (“Blocktopia”), Visual Light Co. Inc. (“Throw everything”)

Ideas and insights ignite on the Global Ignite

SPP highlights include Global Ignite, a company-run promotional event that explores the latest developments and future visions in manufacturing, marketing, technology and investment. Together with CEOs and other executives from high-profile content companies, Global Ignite offers an in-depth look at some of the key concerns and tantalizing opportunities in the animation, webtoon and games markets. Seven meetings are planned for the SPP 2021:

Session 1

“Expansion of the platforms and the future of the boutique studio”

  • Lee Jin-woo, CEO, Director / Studio Pivote
  • Lee Jong-hoon, Co-CEO, Director / VCR Works
  • Hong Joon-pyo, CEO / Studio Roomer
  • Han Ji-won, director / work room Yaha
  • Moderator: Song Kyung-won / CINE21

Session 2

Briefing session on animation Companies

Session 3

“A study to determine the character value in the metaverse age: character vs. virtual human”

  • Oh je-wook, CEO / Age Studio

Session 4

“Maintaining the intellectual property of Content Unicorn through animation”

  • Lee Song, CEO / SmartStudy

Session 5

“Animation guidelines and deciphering the funding status between Canada and Korea co-productions”

  • Camille Gueymard, Assistant Director, Co-Productions & Business Affairs / Telefilm Canada

Session 6

“How to market successfully overseas when we can’t meet in person with a Director of Overseas Marketing”

  • Raphaelle Mathieu, SVP Sales, Acquisitions & New Media / Cyber ​​Group Studios
  • Moderation: Harry Yoon, Vice President / Studio Moggozi

Session 7

Interview with Carl Reed, Director of Lion Forge Animation

  • Moderation: Harry Yoon, Vice President / Studio Moggozi

More information on SPP will be available at the conference website.

Source: SPP

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