Strolling the Tightrope: Architecting Groups to Ship the Expertise Aspect of Transformation [B2B Backstage] : MarketingProfs Webinars


We’re great at implementing tech stacks. We have KPIs, OKRs and NPS under control. We are working on digital transformation and change management. And yet we are still struggling to break down silos, create emotionally driven experiences, and deliver high profile results.

What if the technology and the processes aren’t the problem? What if it’s the mix of talent we have behind the scenes?

In this energetic presentation, you will learn about the six archetypes every team needs to achieve truly innovative results. Carla shows you how to go beyond tactics and focus on talent who are consistently performing.

You go ready to put together and lead great teams. Teams that are able to easily spot customer opportunities, deliver effective critical thinking and adopt the change mentality that underlines a successful and rapid transformation

This webinar is part of our PRO-exclusive B2B Backstage series that focuses on strategy and forward thinking. Our speakers share their unique stories and philosophies and encourage attendees to think differently, be more creative, and pave a path to better B2B marketing.