Studies: Apps key to shopper engagement – Cell Advertising and marketing


According to new AppDynamics data, around 83% of consumers say apps and digital services made their favorite content more “accessible” during the pandemic. Most (90%) used digital services to keep in touch with friends and family, but more than two-thirds (86%) said they also used digital services for streaming entertainment ranging from concerts to TV shows and films Gaming have switched to digital services.

Further data from AppDynamics can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, AppAnnie data shows the power of social media continues to grow. More than 74 billion social apps have been downloaded, with consumers spending more than $ 22 billion on their favorite social apps, according to their Evolution of Social Media Apps report. Social space accounts for approximately 44% of the time consumers spend on mobile devices.

Because of this, the experts at AppAnnie believe that live streaming, which is often done on social networking apps, will encourage social engagement quickly. Social apps that offer live streaming options account for $ 3 out of $ 4 spent on social.

Overall, spending on social media apps is expected to reach at least $ 17 billion by 2025, which equates to a CAGR of 29%.

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