Three truths and three predictions for B2B advertising and marketing


Alicia Tillman, Global CMO at SAP, explains her vision for the future of B2B marketing.

A young business girl or student in business attire is standing on a stool and looking through a telescope. She is looking for her next big chance to show her success and skills. She is confident looking up into the mountains of Utah, USA.

Alicia Tillmann, global CMO at SAP, describes 2020 as “the ultimate crash course for marketing, business flexibility and agility”.

Here she outlines three truths that have come to the fore as a result of the pandemic, and how and where to apply them, as well as three predictions.

“In the past few months we’ve all had to turn around quickly to redefine almost everything from content to format to style and tone,” she said at the Festival of Marketing in October. “But that acceleration has also opened up so many new ways for our brands to reach more people and reach a wider audience than ever before so we can try new things.”